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New Work in Progress

Amy Levine's new work

Amy Levine's porch scene in progress


In Amy Levine’s Studio

Artists’ studios are as varied in personality as their occupants.  Are they a reflection of the tastes of the artists, the type of work being created or a combination of these?  At any rate, we love studio visits as it is exciting to see what’s going on at the moment .

A glimpse into Amy Levine’s studio shows the labor-intensive process that goes into her work.  It is both a creative and engineering feat that she can construct her highly complex pieces,

Amy Levine in her studio

Amy Levine in her studio

 which she terms “sculptural paintings”,  from paper, cotton pulp, wood, gel medium and acrylic paint.  Here she is working on a porch scene for the Vision Gallery Thanksgiving Show.

In Kyle Highsmith’s studio

38 Paintings

stacks of paintings

Kyle Highsmith has just returned from a three-week painting trip on the Amalfi coast.  We had the pleasure of seeing the 38 canvases he started, most still in rolls and stacks on the floor and a few stretched and ready to be finished.   Two came back with us for a client, and we will photograph them for a post later this week.

Visit to Kyle Highsmith

Going to Kyle Highsmith’s studio tomorrow to look at the many paintings he started during his recent visit to the Amalfi Coast.  We will be picking out paintings for our Thanksgiving shows opening November 27.