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Vision Gallery Welcomes Steven S. Walker

We are pleased to announce that Steven Walker has joined Vision Gallery’s roster of artists.  Steven received his undergrad at Virginia Commonwealth University and MFA at Marywood University.  Born in Myrtle Beach SC and raised in Richmond, VA, Steven developed a love of southern rural landscape early-on, which is very evident in his paintings.  .  

He leads a demanding life as a full-time artist who in addition conducts workshops and participates in many juried and gallery shows per year.   Still in his 30’s, Steven has already experienced considerable success as a fine artst and is one to watch over the coming years.  We have just received several of his paintings in a range of sizes in the gallery.  




More paintings from Julyan Davis and Jimmy Craig Womble Show

Jimmy Craig Womble, "Morning Light, Pivers Island"

Julyan Davis, "Furniture Store"



Brenda Behr at the Big Rock

Brenda Behr is painting en pleine aire at the Morehead City waterfront and other locations during the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament this week.  

"Big Rock, Big Hopes", watercolor 9 x 6 inches


Watering Hole With Fish, oil 8 x 10 inches

New Interiors by Julyan Davis

Julyan Davis, who joined our galleries this fall, is known for paintings of interiors as well as landscapes.  But don’t expect pretty scenes of sunlit living rooms, oriental rugs and vases of flowers on a polished table.   Instead Julyan has continued his years-long exploration of the South by capturing glimpses into the past life of buildings, from mansions to farmhouses, that have long been abandoned.  He paints  rooms with faded, peeling walls, remnants of furniture shoved at odd angles, and random objects on the floor.   Julyan says on his website, “This kind of subject matter brought me to the States.  Most things I’ve painted are gone:  torn down or gentrified.  It’s a race.” 

Here in Carteret County, he has found fresh material for his interiors in the form of Down East fish houses.  Historically significant to our area, they are also disappearing at a rapid pace, being replaced by condos, McMansions and fancy marinas.  

We have just received his first completed interior of a long-closed fish house in the town of Atlantic.   

Julyan Davis, "Interior, Atlantic", oil on linen 24 x 22 inches

Richard Garrison Self Portrait

Self Portrait with Yellow

We just received this self portrait by Richard Garrison at Vision Gallery.  Though it is a few years old, it has never been shown until now.  We love how it incorporates Richard’s mastery of collage in the beautiful abstract background.   Many who have admired this painting in the gallery have said that they didn’t realize that Richard was such a gifted portrait artist.   Most of his paintings that are shown in galleries feature figures that are much less  defined.  Below we’ve posted a few more of Richard’s portraits.

Self Portrait, March


New paintings continue to arrive

These paintings just arrived and are available at Vision Gallery.

New work for spring

New work is starting to arrive at the galleries as we get geared up for Spring and Summer 2010.  We’ve assembled a preview of some pieces that will be here by Easter.  Jerry LaPoint, Andree Richmond, Libby Smart and Angela Nesbit  are the artists represented in this preview gallery.  As they become available, new images will appear in our next posts.

New Jimmy Craig Womble Painting

Brant's Kitchen, oil 24 x 18 inches

When the weather gets rough,  landscape painters sometimes struggle to find ways to keep on painting.  Jimmy Craig Womble has found his inspiration indoors this winter rather than  fighting the elements.  His newest painting, of a friend’s kitchen,  is finished and ready to be varnished.  Jimmy Craig describes this friend as a “Renaissance man” who lives in a home with a “fresh painting every few degrees you turn”.   Sounds like there are some more cool interiors to come.  Brant’s Kitchen will be at Vision Gallery next week.

Visit from Marc Dalessio

Marc Dalessio will be traveling from Florence to the US in March and is spending a week in Carteret County to paint local scenery.   Marc is a former instructor at the Florence Academy of Art and we have been fortunate to visit him a  couple of times in his Florence studio.  We will post images when available,  so stay tuned.

Marc Dalessio in his Florence studio, October 2009

New Paintings by Marcus McClanahan

Marcus McClanahan was kind enough to deliver two new paintings to Vision Gallery on New Years Day.  Talk about dedication!