Memories of Italy

After spending two weeks in Italy, it is a bit sad to sift through photos since they make one want to be back in those spots instantly.   Lots of fond memories of time spent in Florence, Cortona and Rome,  wandering streets, shopping for food for the apartment (well OK and for shoes, after all this is the land of leather), scoping out restaurants, and tons of people-watching.  

Got a chance to immerse ourselves in a demonstration one Saturday in Rome that seemed to be a workers’ protest (lots of speeches, banner and flag waving and helicopters flying overhead).   It took place at Piazza Giovanni, the home of the cathedral of the Bishop of Rome (in other words the Pope, and where new popes are coronated), and also of the tallest and oldest Egyptian obelisk in the city.  

Demonstration in Rome

Crowd at demonstration


We saw some cool signs while walking around various cities:

Restaurant in Trastevere, Rome


It's cost-effective to send your child for study abroad

Rome’s contemporary art scene is thriving and we visited the newest museum just opened this spring,  MAXXI, which is the National Museum of 21st century contemporary art.  Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, the building features a fabulous interior curved stairwell.  Greeting you at the front door is this huge sculpture by Gino De Dominicis of one of his signature bird men.    I’ve posted several photos below as it is almost impossible to get this image in one shot.

Bird man skeleton at MAXXI

Head detail of Gino De Dominicis' sculpture at MAXXI

Feet of bird man skeleton

We loved out little penthouse apartment in Rome with 360 degree views of the city and the ancient wall.

View of our penthouse apartment in Rome


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