Pizza Diary

I am now prepared to contain my major eating to salads after two weeks of Italian travel.  Consumption of pizza, pasta, panini, gelato and assorted goodies was mostly offset by many miles of daily walking.  

In the good old USA, I infrequently have a pizza and they are usually easily forgettable experiences.  That would not be true about many of the ones I’ve tried in various parts of Italy.  Neapolitan vs. Roman style is a personal choice, but the latter usually avoids a soppy pool of sauce or oil in the center.  I prefer the crisp, thin cracker-like crust (some burned spots) with a few fresh toppings.  Just throw on any variety of fresh mushrooms (especially porcini), artichokes, rocket, assorted Italian meets and cheeses and I’ll talk to you after the last piece is gone.  

In 2002 I witnessed a young couple in Vallauris France take an order of frites and proceed to roll slices of pizza around them (think cheese fries).  Saw this pizza in Florence which seems to satisfy the need for a carb bomb:  

Pizza in Florence

Would you like fries with that?

Now onto the good stuff.  Pizza makers at a forno in Piazza Navona, Rome producing planks of pizza for take out:

Pizza prep

Pizza prep in Rome

Next door you point out what you want and how much.  They cut it, weigh it and wrap it in paper.  You walk outside and decide how many steps you can take before sinking your teeth into it.  Shown are two pieces of artichoke and cheese (delicious).  Also had a zucchini flower piece.  

Artichoke pizza

Artichoke and cheese just unwrapped

“Dar Poeta” in the Trastevere section of Rome……sitting down to a more leisurely lunch of rocket, cherry tomatoes and lotsa mozzarella.

It's as pretty as it is tasty!

Two cheeses, sausage and assorted funghi……. Mamma Mia!

Pizza at Dar Poeta - you can always diet later.


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