My final Italian food blog (I think)


I think of panini in three grades:

1) Those made far in advance and waiting for a tourist or non-discriminating person to purchase.  They have little content, taste and the bread is made edible only by toasting it.  Not worthy of a photo here.

2) Those made daily and containing ample portions, tasty fresh bread and not located right next to a tourist hot spot like the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.  They may be take-out only, or have a bar where you place your purchase along with a drink.  

on Via Nazionale, Cortona

3) Those freshly-made from a menu or by creating your own.  They are pre-priced or sold by weight and usually run from 2-4.5 euro.  You can find them anywhere from a store selling meat and cheese products to a hole-in-the-wall stand with a line waiting.  

Antico Noe near Sant' Ambrogio market, Florence

And also under the third category I Due Fratellini – a very small stand on Via dei Cimatori near Orsanmichele Church in Florence.  I regretted to pass it by on this trip but it had always had a huge line.  They have almost 30 kinds which are ready in a couple of minutes.  They start at 2.5 euro and are quite good (along with their wine).  Nowhere to sit, but they have a numbered rack for you to rest your beverage.   Run by hard working brothers who probably drive new Lamborghinis.


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