Plein air painters in Carteret County


Jimmy Craig Womble in Atlantic

We’ve been descended upon here in Carteret County by a group of the best plein air painters around.   Marc Dalessio from Florence arrived to paint for both galleries and for a group plein air show to open June 5th at Vision Gallery.  A few days before Marc’s arrival, we found out Kevin Menck was coming from Nashville Tennessee to paint for the show, and  bringing fellow painter Jason Saunders for a “good ole road trip”.  Morehead City artist Jimmy Craig Womble anxiously awaited the arrival of his new painting buddies, and also acted as tour guide to the best Down East scenery including  some of the junkiest boatyards on the coast.

The gods smiled upon us as we had six straight days of sunny, almost cloudless skies.  Toward the end there were even some grumbles about wanting  moodier skies.  Sorry guys, but after a fall and winter of moody (read torrential rain and wind), we were very happy to send you off into the sun every day.   And the only real downside to all that sun was  some mild sunburn on necks and faces.

Marc Dalessio (l) and Jimmy Craig Womble (r) set up on Pivers Island

The guys started at Calico Creek here in Morehead and gradually made their way to Radio Island, Pivers Island and on to Atlantic over the weekend and into this week.   Enjoy the images from their adventures and stay tuned for more posts over the next few days.  Speaking of adventure, Kevin Menck’s blog chronicles some of the tales from the road and as you will discover, he’s a fine writer as well as a terrific painter.

Marc (l) and Kevin Menck (r) in Atlantic

Kevin in boatyard and junk heaven, Pivers Island

Marc Dalessio in deep concentration


2 responses to “Plein air painters in Carteret County

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  2. Are you still around the Moorehead City area and painting? – I am a plein aire artist and will be visiting the area the week of July 4th – will you be painting anywhere, where I could join in the fun?

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